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Flexible Payment Options

Flexibility is a gift when it comes to clothing purchases. Tools like Afterpay, Sezzle, and ShopPay can help you to budget and manage your purchases easily. Each option allows you to buy now and pay later with interest-free installments that won’t have an impact on your credit score. Best of all, these payment options give shoppers the option to break up their payments into more manageable installments. 


AfterPay breaks up payments into four interest-free installments. These payments happen over six weeks and allow you to manage your spending while allowing you to get what you need. The AfterPay app is safe and secure. This process helps customers to achieve financial freedom without taking on interest-heavy debt. Should you miss a payment there can be a late payment fee, but this fee is fixed and will not accumulate over time. AfterPay gives you the option of financial freedom and is helping to build a more accessible economy. 


Sezzle works in a similar way to AfterPay and is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. Sezzle allows customers to break up purchases into two or four manageable payments that happen over the course of two or six weeks. Sezzle also has a virtual card option that allows you to buy now, and pay later in stores. Sezzle allows customers the financial freedom to access what they need when they need it. Sezzle also has a monthly payment option, however this is subject to approval by a third-party lender. 


ShopPay, like AfterPay and Sezzle, helps customers shop with flexibility with installment payment plans. Customers can make a payment in four different interest-free installments. ShopPay also can be used to break up purchases into monthly payments. However, this may involve an interest rate for the purchase. ShopPay is safe, encrypted, and an excellent choice for those looking for a financially flexible option. 

Best Sellers

June Adel has a wide selection of beautiful boho-chic clothing that will enhance your wardrobe with comfort and style. As a boutique clothing store, we hand-select and hand-measure all of our garments to ensure quality and accurate sizing. June Adel is committed to carrying clothing that feels as good as it looks. 

Some of our best-selling styles include:

We carry all the latest styles from Umgee, Celeste Clothing, Emily Wonder, and more. Whatever the occasion, June Adel has something to fit your aesthetic and unique body type.  

About Us

June Adel is committed to providing stylish and fun clothing for each and every body type. We believe all women should feel comfortable in their skin, which is why we provide clothing up to a 3XL and ensure that each style we carry is available in every size. June Adel wants to be the go-to shop for every woman to find something she feels incredible in. Follow us on social media to learn about the latest trends and our evolving inventory.