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Empower Yourself Through Dress

Shopping is so much more fun when you’re sure of your size! While sizing varies across brands, you can still determine a close fit by learning to properly measure yourself. When you know your exact size (or close to it!), you’ll find more joy, empowerment, and comfort in shopping.

True To Size 

Love online shopping? Girl, we do too! That being said, we understand shopping online can be stressful when there is such variance amongst sizing. “True to Size” can be a bit of a misnomer when there are so many different interpretations of what those sizes really are. Nevermind the factor of personal preference–something that fits ‘just right’ can be too loose for someone else. Knowing your measurements is a great way to ensure that the size is true to you. 

How To Measure Yourself Properly

So where do you get started with measuring yourself properly? 


You can take your bust measurement by measuring over the largest part of your bust and holding the measuring tape flush to the skin. 


Waist measurements should be taken at the smallest part of your waist. Measure the circumference with a measuring tape fit snugly against the skin.

Torso Length

When taking torso length as a measurement, stand up straight and put your shoulders back. Measure from the base of the neck to where your spine meets your hips.

Arm Length

When taking an arm length measurement measure from the backbone along the arm until you reach just past your arm. 

Leg Length

When taking a leg measurement, stand as straight as possible and run the tape from the top of the inside of the leg down to the ankle. 

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