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10 Tips on Setting and Achieving Goals for the New Year!

As an online boutique owner, one of my favorite parts of running a business is setting goals.  It motivates me and I love having a plan!  Here are 100 tips to help you achieve goals that you never thought possible for the upcoming year.

1.  Write it down.  This is the most important part in setting your goal.  Write it down clearly in one or two sentences.  Keep it where you will see it daily.

2.  Set a deadline.  Set a reasonable deadline for your goal.  Even if you don't achieve your goal by this date, you will have come a long way and you will be proud of the progress you have made.

3.  Figure out how you will achieve this goal.  Decide what you need to do on a daily and weekly basis to bring yourself closer to your goal.

4.  Keep an accountability journal.  Write down what you did each day to work on your goal.  It doesn't have to be a long paragraph.  It can even be a list.

5.  Get an accountability partner.  Check in on each other to hold each other accountable in doing the steps to achieve your goal.  

6.  Set reminders on your phone.  This is an easy way to remind yourself to do tasks throughout the day.

7.  Commit the time.  Set a reasonable time to work on your goal each day.  Sometimes when we have a to-do list, it's easy to do the minimum so we can check off everything as quickly as possible.  When you commit 30 minutes or 1 hour to your goal each day, you will get much more in depth with your work.

When I first started my online boutique, I committed to spending one hour on my web site.  Whether it was spent learning or actually uploading new products, I made sure to give the web site the time it needed.

8.  Use a planner.  A planner is a great way to keep you on track for what you need to do each day.  Even if you don't use a planner book, these tear-off sheets from Amazon are a great way to keep track of your habits and to-do list.

9.  Don't get discouraged.  If life gets busy, don't worry if you get off track.  Just get right back to your daily habits and remember that consistency is key.  

10.  Delegate tasks.  It never hurts to ask for help.  If you need help with a certain part of your goal, it's great to ask for help or find someone who specializes in this part.

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