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10 Reasons to Love Consuela Bags

  1. They are durable.  It's not unusual to hear of a Consuela bag looking just as great 10 years later as the day as it was purchased.  The signature ConsuelaCloth on most styles gives them added wear since it is easy to clean and care for.
  2. Consuela honors artists.  The company has long-standing relationships with artists from different regions with diverse talents.  Consuela's relationships with their artists are mutually beneficial with a commitment to preserve culture while providing growth and recognition.
  3. Consuela celebrates people!  Consuela's philosophy is all about positivity and uplifting people.  They even have a program to celebrate women who leave a positive impact in their "It's Not About the Bag" program.
  4. They are fun.  Even the colors and patterns of Consuela bags will make you happy, with their fun and vibrant looks.
  5. They are functional.  Each Consuela style has its own unique features to keep functionality and convenience in mind.  Many designs are perfect for your laptop, while others make a great sleeve for your tablet.
  6. They express you.  There truly is a style for every personality.  Consuela Bags are a great way to express your style in a unique way.
  7. Art of the Mismatched  If you like to mix things up, you will love Consuela!  The fun patterns are coordinated perfectly on each back.
  8. They Give Back.  Consuela honors women in all walks of life with their "It's Not About the Bag" program.  Nominate someone on their site!
  9. They are detailed.  The bags features beautiful details such as embroidery and fun accents.
  10. There's always something new!  Be sure to check out all of the new fun patterns and styles introduced for spring 2021!

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