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5 Ways to Create a Casual and Chic Look

Woman sits down wearing a white dress, green shawl, and gold rings

Curating the perfect casual yet chic outfit can make you feel effortlessly put together! If you’re looking for a way to dress up your casual outfits, we’ve put together the perfect guide to help curate your look. From fun and quirky tops to flowy pants and overalls, here are our five favorite ways to create the perfect casual look.

1. Get a Cute Pair of Overalls 

Woman wearing gray overalls

Overalls are some of the best chic boutique clothes. Workwear has always been big, and the latest fashion weeks have shown that this look isn’t going away anytime soon. We love completing this look with a playful Easel top and casual accessories like layered necklaces and a cute pair of kicks. This is a chic outfit that screams playful, fun, and casual while still being incredibly trendy.

2. Choose Comfort 

Who likes being in restricting clothing all day long? Not us. One of our favorite pieces for a comfortable yet chic look is a pair of free-form boho-chic pants. Easel pants are an excellent choice when you’re looking for something stylish and easy to move in. Try pairing one of these fun pants with a crop top or a graphic tee tied in the front. Top off the look with a bucket hat or some statement earrings.

3. Dresses Don’t Have to Be Dressy 

Woman wears pink short-sleeve dress with smiley faces

Sometimes, creating a chic outfit with the perfect dress is simpler than you think. When we think about dresses, we might think about the big fluffy monstrosities that our mothers made us wear for picture day at school. But what if a dress could be the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe? Easel dresses are cozy, non-restrictive, and quirky outfits that are actually extremely comfortable. Pair them with a stylish pair of boots, your favorite jewelry, and a jean jacket–you’re ready to go!

4. Personalize Your Accessories 

The number one tip when trying to curate a casual and chic look is to put your personality into it. To bring your chic outfit to life, wear that charm bracelet with all of the places you’ve visited, or layer on some necklaces you’ve collected through the years. When it comes to fashion, making it your own is the best way to make sure that your outfit feels lived in and personal. Pairing up trendy boutique clothing with little personal accents will give you that unique look.

5. Wear What Makes You Happy 

We can all tell when someone doesn’t like what they’re wearing. Don’t ever pick out something just because it's what you feel you ‘should’ wear based on trends. The only trends that matter are the ones you personally connect with. 

Shopping and dressing up should be fun. And if you’re trying to curate a casual and chic outfit, we have the chic boutique clothes you need at June Adel. From Easel Clothing to any of our other popular boutique brands, you’re sure to find an outfit that feels personal and trendy all at the same time.

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