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All About Consuela Bags

Consuela Misson: “Made today ridiculously awesome!”

Consuela is a fashion and lifestyle company that is passionate for people and bags. We love Consuela Bags for their vibrant designs that express your individual style!  Not only are the designs trendy and fun, but the bags are durable and offer exceptional quality. They are easy to care for, with many styles having exclusive “ConsuelaCloth” which can be easily wiped clean. Most styles are trimmed in natural leather. The stitching is always perfect as Consuela gives careful attention to every detail.

Consuala is a company based in Austin, Texas, and the bags are made in Texas and Mexico. Consuela was founded by Texas artist Conni Reed. Her design philosophy is to express the art of the “unmatched”. The designs combine beautifully to produce the unexpected.

Consuela is more than just a bag, as they care about the welcoming feeling and experience of their brand, and also about community. They care about how their bags make their customers feel, which is confident, happy, and creative. They care about uplifting others and finding joy in the journey. We love the positivity and happy feelings that Consuela brings to our collection and we are excited to offer a wonderful selection of their bags.


We love the vibrant patterns and the great selection of styles offered in each design.

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