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How To Dress Up Jeans With Stylish Boutique Clothing

Woman wearing jeans with boutique blouse and holding a yellow rose

Jeans are a staple in every closet and have been a classic way to style cute outfits for all weather. But contrary to common belief, jeans are not meant for just casual wear. In fact, with the right accessories and high-quality boutique clothing, you can easily dress up your jeans and wear them to formal lunches, dinner parties, or even dancing. 

Here are 4 cute summer outfits to style using your favorite jeans and our chic boutique clothing. These elevated outfits are bound to turn heads wherever you go.

4 Stylish Combos to Pair With Jeans

1. Jeans and Colorful Outerwear

A simple way to dress up a pair of jeans is with colorful outerwear. Opt for a bold-colored jacket with fun details like some embroidery, big buttons, or patchwork pockets. 

A green Umgee jacket is a fun option to throw on with jeans if you’re wondering how to dress up a denim look without overdoing the blue colors.

Woman wearing green denim jacket with patchwork pockets

2. Jeans and a Chic Blazer

This combo is for those who love their jeans and want to wear them everywhere—even to a work party! We can show you how to dress up your jeans for after-work drinks or a semi-formal networking event. Simply pair a dark wash, well-tailored pair of jeans with a solid-colored top and a chic, oversized blazer. 

This is your holy grail to achieving cute semi-formal outfits with jeans this summer. You can always count on an oversized blazer and statement earrings to create an editorial look with minimal effort. Complete the outfit with minimal makeup, a pair of dangling earrings, and a smart clutch. Don't forget to choose a pair of practical black heels that you’ll feel comfortable in all night.

3. Jeans and a Crisp White Shirt

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? A white shirt is a timeless staple that can be worn in multiple variations to dress up a pair of simple jeans. Discover how easy it is to style this combo for brunch or for a family dinner by trying out different accessories to change the look.

You can channel your inner Hollywood diva with retro sunglasses, pearl earrings, and a neck scarf. Or showcase your edgy side by opting for an animal print purse and pumps that will add a pop of color.

4. Jeans and a Mixed Print Top

Woman wearing green mixed print full-sleeve top

If you’re wondering how to dress up your jeans with a casual piece, wearing a mixed print top can be a fun and eclectic option for an elevated and intentional look. If you love wearing bold colors, you can even consider choosing patchwork sweatshirts and blouses.

Throw on a crisp white shirt underneath your mixed print top to ground the outfit and tie it in with the blue color of your jeans.

We’d love to see how you style your jeans! Play dress up and tag us on Instagram with your chic summer outfits.

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