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How to Shop at an Online Boutique

Here at June Adel, we want to create the very best online shopping experience for you!  Here are some things to look for when you are shopping online boutiques:

  • Know where your items are shipping from.

We are located in Russellville, Alabama and we only order from reputable boutique clothing companies.  We attend popular markets throughout the year to select the very best styles for you.  We order from well known vendors such as Umgee, Easel, Entro, and many others.  Many customers find our site by searching for these brands.  They are already familiar with the quality, construction, and sizing of these popular vendors.

There are many businesses out there that advertise on popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram who sell items at discounted prices without the quality offered at reputable online boutiques.  These online stores are known for using images from hard-working reputable businesses!  Beware of shopping these sites, because you don't know what the labor conditions are like in these companies and predicting how the sizes will run is almost impossible.  It's always best to do some research to find out how other customers are satisfied with their purchases!

  • Look for the right fit and size.

When you are unsure of how a style will fit you, look for the measurements and compare them to a similar style in your closet.  Compare the bust measurement and length measurement to a shirt or dress that fits you well.  If an item does not run true to size, we mention in the descriptions how it will fit.  Also, be sure to pay attention to the fabric.  A knit item will have stretch and give to it, especially if it has spandex.  Our woven items will not have as much give to them.  We strive to provide as many details as possible.  If an item does not work how you had planned, you can easily return or exchange it.

  • Select your Payment Option

Here at June Adel, we offer an excellent selection of fast and easy payment options to make your checkout process effortless.  We are excited to accept Sezzle and Afterpay!  With these options, your total will be divided into four small and easy credit card payments.  We also accept credit cards and PayPal.  It's important to order your styles from a trusted company so you know your personal information is well-protected.

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