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How To Wear Animal Print: Everything You Need to Know

Blonde woman wearing sunglasses and animal print jacket


Animal print is a classic trend that has made a comeback in recent years. This is a style that you can incorporate into your everyday outfits for a flair of drama or bold elegance. Since animal prints can come in a variety of styles and colors, this is a trend that you can wear in your own unique way, for any occasion. 

However, owing to the myriad of options, it may be confusing to begin styling animal print at first. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips for how to wear animal print in your everyday looks.

4 Tips for Styling Animal Print

1. Animal Print Accessories

If you’re trying to switch up your style but aren’t sure how to wear animal print, we recommend starting small with accessories. Figuring out how to wear animal print shoes or handbags is easier than styling large garments since you’re only making small changes to your everyday looks. 

Switching your regular brown tote for a smart leopard print purse can elevate your look and project confidence. Similarly, try wearing a pair of sleek zebra print heels instead of nude pumps, for an instant dose of style as you head to work.

2. A Solid Balance

Woman wearing brown animal print top with black trousers


It’s important to create balance when you wear animal print, no matter how large or small the print may be. While busy prints can draw the eye and sometimes create confusion, solid colors can ground your outfit. 

Even your bare skin can act as a solid color that provides a break from the busy prints of your outfit. So, remember to style your outfit with a healthy mix of solid colors that will allow your animal print top or dress to make its statement.

3. Less is More

Model wearing white top and brown shorts with a leopard print stripe


If you enjoy wearing minimal styles, here’s a tip on how to wear animal print without purchasing printed shoes or bags. Clothes with small details and fun stripes of animal print can help you seamlessly incorporate this style into your everyday looks.

This is also a fun way to begin wearing animal print at the gym or in casual outfits. For example, this pair of brown Umgee shorts with a leopard print stripe can be a safe way to enjoy the trend without changing your personal style too much.

4. Create a Print Sandwich

This tip is for those who are not satisfied with a small glimmer of animal print. If you want to go all out and wear animal print but aren’t sure how to embrace the wild side with style, we’ve got you covered.

A great tip when styling different colors or prints is to create a visual sandwich of sorts, through your outfit. Think of your printed clothing items as the “bread” of the sandwich, forming a vertical bracket from top to bottom. The neutral pieces in your outfit will serve as the “stuffing” of the sandwich, creating a compelling composition for onlookers. 

These tips can help you get started as you figure out how to wear animal print with pieces from your everyday wardrobe.

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