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Refresh Your Outfits with these Outerwear Pieces Perfect for Layering

Refresh Your Outfits with these Outerwear Pieces Perfect for Layering


Often we feel like we don't have anything to wear. This feeling can get overwhelming and stand in the way of us expressing ourselves through clothing. However, usually all you need is to refresh your wardrobe with some new outerwear pieces you can incorporate into multiple outfits. 


Fall is the perfect season to do some online shopping. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate, get comfortable and explore the vast selection of online boutiques. These three outerwear pieces are a great starting point as they can easily be integrated into your wardrobe.


Gunmetal Corduroy Shacket by 143 Story

Corduroy Shacket

А simple way to make an outfit more special is to liven it up with a modern outerwear piece. Shackets morph shirts and jackets into one trendy clothing item. This shacket by 143 Story can be bought at the June Adel boutique. Since the shacket combines two different materials, it can complement a lot of diverse outfits. If you decide to wear a simple outfit that consists of black jeans and a black turtleneck, you can perk it up with this shacket. On the other hand, the shacket can be paired with feminine outfits like floral dresses and heels to add some edge to it. 


Cream Mixed Print Kimono with Ruffle Hem by Umgee

Umgee Kimono

Kimonos are often overlooked. Nevertheless, they are perfect for sunny fall days. This cream mixed print kimono by Umgee will add a lot of volume and depth to any outfit. The ruffled hem makes the kimono flow beautifully while you are walking, while the sheer fabric makes it easy to pair with dresses in a range of different colors. 


Super Soft Open Front Plush Jacket in Mauve Plaid by Hem & Thread

Plaid Jacket

Cozy soft jackets are always a perfect introduction to any closet. Want to feel like you wrapped a blanket around yourself while looking stylish? It's time to invest in a good plush jacket. This one by Hem & Thread comes in plaid with mauve tones. It looks amazing when paired with jeans thanks to the contrasting colors and textures. The oversized fit makes the jacket perfect for layering, while the side pockets are a great addition to keep your hands warm on cold days. 


Good outerwear item can make even the simplest outfit look chic. With the weather getting colder, now is the perfect time to do some online shopping and invest in outerwear pieces that will keep you warm and fashionable throughout the fall and winter months. 


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