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Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

transitional summer to fall printed dress

Transition Your Summer Dresses to Fall

While the weather might still be warm and summery, as September draws closer, you might want to start thinking about shifting your wardrobe to accommodate cooler days. Summer to fall transitional outfits are all about tweaking your warm-weather styles to keep them practical as the seasons change. Check out some of our favorite transitional ensembles for fun, easy ways to jump into fall.

1. Swap Your Shorts

Shorts are a classic summer choice, but you don’t have to get rid of them with your summer to fall transitional outfits! Instead of putting them away, simply change linen and cutoffs for khaki, leather, and corduroy materials. Thicker fabrics will keep you warmer and change your entire aesthetic for the fall theme. Complete your look with heeled booties and a lightweight blazer to elevate your style.

2. Add A Layer

fall kimono cardigan outfit idea

The simplest way to create a summer to fall transitional outfit is by adding a layer to your favorite summer look. Simply throw on a go-to outfit you’ve been rocking all summer and add a sweater or cardigan. Opt for lightweight knit sweaters and kimono cardigans to keep the materials airy when the day is still warm.

3. The Long-Sleeve Dress

Dresses are the easiest way to style a transitional look. To transition your summer dresses to fall, keep the dress exactly the same, just change your accessories for a fall-themed ensemble. Instead of sandals, opt for an ankle boot. Swap out your floppy sun hat for an earthy fedora and throw on a denim jacket to keep warm.

4. Change Your Shoes

We’ve already mentioned swapping out your shoes a few times for other summer to fall transition outfits, but this is something you should do across the board. While sandals will work with any of the looks on this list, at some point you will want to wear those closed-toe shoes. You don’t have to go straight for boots, though! You can work your way toward them with other closed shoes, like ballet flats, loafers, and mules. You get all the simplicity of a sandal without the rigid structure of a boot!

5. Wear Darker Colors

burgundy jumpsuit for fall

Another general tip that will carry your transitional outfits through the seasons is changing the color scheme of your looks. Colors communicate your season, so stay away from summer colors, like bright red and blue, in favor of moodier hues, including camel, burgundy, navy, rust, and black. You can find fall palettes in lightweight fabrics that will ensure your comfort even as the heat lingers.

Seasonal Styles for All

If you find that you need to supplement your summer to fall transitional outfits because you’re missing a few pieces, June Adel is here to help. Explore our store to discover loose, flowing silhouettes that prioritize comfort and versatility for your wardrobe!

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