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The Staple Outerwear Item of the Season: Shacket

The Staple Outerwear Item of the Season: Shacket

Falling leaves and warm tones around us mark the start of fall. And with it, the time for trendy outerwear and layering is finally here. The most fashionable outerwear piece of this season has to be the shacket - a shirt and jacket combined. This piece is just as awesome as it sounds. 



Shacket can be worn as either shirt or jacket and is very versatile. Since it is usually made of thicker material it's great for the fall/winter season of 2021. The traditional silhouette, pockets on the front, and classic collar make it great for layering and pairing with various outfits. 

Black Plaid Shacket by June Adel is a great example of just how much of a staple piece a shacket can be. This shacket has white and black colors, which make it easy for pairing with most outfits. The oversized fit and cozy lining make it the perfect cozy outerwear piece you will want to wear every day. It also has side pockets that will keep your hands warm even on the coldest days. It would look stylish paired with black dresses such as Umgee Linen Dress from June Adel. You can also pair it with other patterns to give it contemporary look. Umgee Mauve Animal Print Babydoll Top is a good contrast to the white and black of the shacket, which makes this pairing perfect.

If you want to stay in tune with the fall colors more, Taupe and White Plaid Shorter Style Shacket will meet your outerwear needs. The diffused warm colors pair well with any fall staple. This shacket has a more structured fit and features a soft faux wool lining. For the ultimate fall outfit, pair it with fall colors such as beige, chocolate, or caramel brown. Umgee Spicy Mustard Dress with Puff Sleeves and Frayed Hem is a prominent pairing. The material of the dress will give a change of texture to the outfit, making it, in turn, more attractive.

Black Shacket with Button Front is the shacket you can wear with anything. Solid black color and button front make it the must-have shacket of this season. The loose fit makes it easy to style this shacket with jeans as well as pants. Since it is black, you can experiment with the patterns in the other components of the outfit. Umgee Mocha and Black Mixed Animal Print Ruffle Pants mix various prints, but with black and brown as the primary colors, they look amazing when paired with a black shacket.

Shackets should make their way into your closet this season. Not only are they really comfortable, but they are also easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and make any outfit trendier.

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