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How to Style Your Favorite Dresses in the Colder Weather

How to Style Your Favorite Dresses in the Colder Weather


Even though we all gravitate to pants and sweaters as soon as the colder weather arrives, you shouldn't forget to throw your favorite dresses into the mix. This is how you should style your dresses to look great and feel cozy during the fall and winter months. 

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Pair with Sweaters


A great way to make dresses appropriate for the season is to pair them with sweaters. Not only will you feel warm, but the sweater will help create an interesting silhouette and add texture to your outfit.

If you go for a simple one-tone dress such as Umgee Linen Blend Dress with Ruffled Hem, you can experiment with bold prints or colors. Umgee Multicolor Striped Sweater or Umgee Teal Animal Print Sweater would add an interesting twist to an outfit. 

Alternatively, you can try to stay in the same color family or pair different tones of the same color. For example, Umgee Animal Print Tiered Dress in Burnt Orange Mix would look great paired with Umgee Marsala Sweater with Distressed Hem.

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To not lose your figure when wearing a sweater on top of a dress, you should accessorize with a belt. By wearing a belt on top of your sweater, or tucking the sweater into it, you will accentuate your waist. 


Add an Interesting Shacket


Oversized shackets are a great way to make your dresses appropriate for cold weather. They add some structure and depth to the outfit while keeping you warm. Purple Plaid Shacket is a great choice if you want to incorporate your summer dresses into your fall and winter outfits. 

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Layer with a Cardigan


You can never go wrong with a stylish cardigan. They will make you look put together and elegant, while you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket. Cardigans with prints and a mix of different colors are also a great way to elevate a simple dress. Umgee Navy and Mustard Color Block Design Cardigan would look great with basics such as Umgee Navy Blue Tiered Dress.


Furthermore, you can wear a white shirt underneath your dress. This is a great way to add more layers to your outfit, as the collar will be a great contrast underneath the dress. Additionally, you can pair dresses with tights. Tights are a great way to change up your outfits and stay warm. 


Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to come up with interesting outfits. Therefore, don't forget to incorporate dresses into your outfits and have fun with layering. 

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